Monday, April 12, 2010

Ying Thai 2

Among all the Italian restaurants on Lygon Street there a few misplaced Asian restaurants that should not be overlooked. We tried out Ying Thai 2 last Friday night and if the number of people waiting for a table indicates anything...then we were in for a treat. 

Restaurants here in the Melbourne CBD are not like the big chains found outside of the city, you won't normally have to wait for a table. But the night we went there was a full house.We waited about 15 minutes for a table, then another 5 for the server to clean the table from the previous patrons, another 10 before he took our order, and our food came after about 15 minutes. Wow, when I say it like that it sounds like a lot of waiting. I was pretty excited to try it out after all the good things I had heard, so the wait really didn't bother me, but it's something to be aware of (on a Friday night anyway).
While we waited I had plenty of time to take in the atmosphere. Not exactly what you'd expect of a Thai restaurant, the decor was a little more like a kindergarten, bright colors, drawing on the wall. Something different. 
On to the most important part...the food.
They offer a fairly large menu, featuring salads, noodles, curry, stir fry, and rice dishes. Most main dishes range in price from $13-$16. 
We opted for the Kao Pud (Thai style fried rice with onion, sping onion, egg and choice of meat) and Pud Thai (I usually see this dish as Pad Thai).
We also tried the Gang Panang (Mild thai curry in coconut milk with Kaffir lime leaves) over sticky rice.
Bottom line- Very authentic, very flavorful, high quality ingredients, I loved the Pud Thai (some of the best I've had). Next time I will probably order different items from the menu (I'm not up at night craving the Gang Panang, although it was good), but I will definitely be back.
When ordering keep in mind the Thai love their chili, mild is equivalent to a typical medium and if you order hot be prepared to blow fire.
Name: Ying Thai 2
Telephone: 03 9639 1697
Website: none
Location: 110 Lygon Street,  Carlton 
Getting There: Take the Free City Circle Tram to Russell and La Trobe (at the North of the City) get off the tram and walk North (Russell turns into Lygon St)

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