Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toto's Pizza House

We were craving some Italian the other night and were having dinner with friends, so gave Toto's a try. We've walked by plenty of times and it's always bustling with lots of patrons enjoying themselves, so that's a pretty good gauge that's its worth a try. Toto's is located on the city side of Lygon Street, which makes it really convenient to us city-folk. They opened up in 1961 and claim to be the first pizza restaurant in Australia. One thing I can say for sure is that their pizza was yummy! We actually had our food delivered this time, which is a nice option. We tried Toto's Super Special (tomato, cheese, hot salami, ham, mild peppers, mushrooms, olives, prawns) and the Pizza Bolognia (tomato, cheese, spiced meat, onion, bacon, salami, ham). I preferred the Super Special as the Bolognia was just too much meat, and I'll say I liked it so much that I'll have a hard time trying something different next time. The olives were a mix of black olives and kalamata olives, which gave it such a nice, distinctive flavour.

We also tried a few pasta dishes, the Fettucini carbonara and Rigatoni matriciana, both were delicious. I was really impressed with the value of the food at Toto's. It was delicious and quite inexpensive. A pasta main dish costs under $11 and was more than enough food. The main meals (meat based) are served with chips and a salad and include things like chicken parmagiana, veal scaloppine, porterhouse steak - In my opinion the mains were nothing special (we tried the chicken parm), I'd rather have a flavourful pasta any day.

Bottom line- great pizzas and pastas, affordable, casual/family friendly
Sorry for the lack of pics (next time I'll take some, because I'm sure we'll be back)

Name: Toto's Pizza House
Telephone: 03 9347 1888
Location: 101 Lygon Street, Carlton
Getting There: Take the Free City Circle Tram to Russell and La Trobe (at the North of the City) get off the tram and walk North (Russell turns into Lygon St)

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Margo said...

Now that I've perused your entire blog rather than rid my house of excess junk like I should have done, I am ready to join you in Melbourne! I can't wait to settle in and venture out.