Monday, March 15, 2010

QV Fashion Show

Here's why I love this city. You can be walking home after dropping your kids off at school and as you walk through the QV building you find out there is going to be a fashion show at 12:30 and 1:30 that day. Okay, that takes care of my schedule for the day. 

I had seen advertisements around the city saying that this week there would be various fashion events around the city, so I was thrilled when I happened upon this show. The set was really cool, like a life size doll house and before the show started they had model standing out front posed like dolls. 

Rather than showcasing the work of a specific designer this show was a collection of designers and shops within the QV building: Guess, Christensen Copenhagen, Kam Otto, Sevinha, Mooks, Pamper Heiress. I was in fashion heaven. It's not very often that a "normal" person like me gets front row seats to a fashion show, granted this was no Dior show, but it was really well done. The models were of course tiny and beautiful, the clothes were to die for and the set and music fit the scene perfectly. 

How cute is that headband?

Bottom line for the season:
Skinny pats are here to stay for a while- If you haven't yet, go out and get some great skinny Jeans and black leggings.
Pair those skinny pants with lots of voluminous layers up top.
The perfect finish for a perfect outfit is still the stiletto, but for all you city wanderers like me, a good ballet flat is still a great stylish option for your wandering.
Happy shopping!

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