Monday, May 10, 2010

Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Center

Since moving to Australia in January I was still feeling like all I knew of the Aboriginal people was from what I saw on Crocodile Dundee. After visiting the Melbourne Museum I felt a little disappointed with my trip through the Koorie Voices exhibition. They seemed to do a good job of celebrating the culture of the modern day Koorie people, rather than the history. This led me to the Koorie Heritage Trust. The trust is a non-profit organization that works to "protect, preserve and promote the living culture of Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia." One way the do this is by opening their doors to the public, free of charge, to enter in and experience a bit of the Aboriginal culture.
The main floor of the center houses a collection of paintings by local Koorie artists as well as the retail shop with books, art and gifts.

The cultural center is filled with artwork, multi-media presentations, photographs, news articles and life-size replicas. Not only did we get a look into the history of the people, but also a representation of individuals struggles and successes.
Upstairs there is another art exhibition that was worth a visit all on its own, it has some amazing modern art by Koorie artists, not what you would traditionally think of, but fascinating. Each painting is accompanied by a plaque which explains the symbolism of the work.
The Cultural Center also offers some additional experiences for those wishing to learn more. Programs include: Koorie storytelling, tours through the Center, others along the Yarra, or through Flagstaff Gardens with an indigenous culture twist.

Name: Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Center
Telephone03 8622 2600
Location295 King Street (Cnr Little Lonsdale Street)
Getting There: Take the Free City Circle Tram and exit at King Street and La Trobe. Head South and the center is on the right side of King Street.

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Jungle News said...

hi there! you once left a comment on my blog (a couple of months ago). i have since deleted my blog from the expat blog world, but just wanted to make a comment that i love your posts. you are one active family and you're pretty good at updating. i, on the other hand, am not as good about it. but there's always room for improvement, right? anyways, we've been to melbourne once and loved it; very different from sydney which is awesome too. give me a shout whenever you decide to come up this way, maybe we can have some coffee by our beautiful harbour! take care.

Deidre said...

Just found your blog, am too an expat in Melbourne.

I totally agree about the museum - great information about their assimilation (or lack there of) into the european world, but not great information on how they were before settlement.

Also, I LOVE ying thai 2. LOVE it. Have you been to the curry cafe on high street in northcote? delicious.